Marie In The Margins Installation at Hastings Book Festival
    hosted by Bexhill Museum in person and
    International Marie de France Society online

Sept: Sun 18, Wed 21, Thurs 22, Sat 24, 12-4pm.

We’re hosted by Bexhill Museum for Hastings Book Festival.
FREE ENTRY to the film. Online viewing at until 24/09/2022.
FREE 2pm talks

Four inspirational women in the Marie In the Margins team share their personal passions in this project.

Marie in the Margins

Think of a medieval woman and an image of a madonna nursing a newborn baby probably springs to mind.

Think again. Think of those images in our galleries as not the whole story. Not herstory.

The project explores writer Marie de France’s twelfth-century stories featuring female decision makers, female cultural innovators and aspiring women seeking to be their unconventional selves. Identity beyond motherhood. The writing is a portal into a hidden female medieval workforce history. Women lived and worked in abbeys outputting reading materials - the media industry of the day. They were scribes, illustrators and writers. They worked in all the capacities that kept large live-work communities functioning healthily. It was an alternative to marriage.

Explore our Marie in the Margins installation in Hastings Book Festival in September 2022, hosted by Bexhill Museum on a looped large format screening. Marie de France's writing is vibrant, funny and relatable; her stories add diverse perspectives to 1066 history.
This work is permanently on display at Hastings Museum and Art Gallery in the Before Hastings Gallery, the video set into a writing desk.