Panelka: High Rise Connecting Conversations

Lead artists: Rod Morris, Dasha Podoltseva

This experiential installation project is now confirmed with a grant from the Culture of Solidarity-EUNIC Ukraine Fund, in partnership with the European Cultural Foundation and EUNIC with core financing led by the Goethe-Institut and additional funding by the Institut français and Instituto Cervantes. Hastings Borough Council confirms support and we await a decision on further funding before announcing our national and international dates.


27-31 December 2022, 11.00-17.00 GMT
The Stade Hall, Rock-a-Nore Road, Hastings, TN34 3FJ, United Kingdom.
Free entry.

Hastings will feature along with selected Culture of Solidarity cities Athens, Bratislava, Brussels, Budapest, Dresden, Glasgow, Helsinki, Kyiv, Madrid, Paris, Sofia, Warsaw. In Lithuania the activities will take place in various cities.

This second phase of the Panelka project will widen artist Dasha Podoltseva's conversation on high rise homes to multiple connections between her high rise neighbourhood in Kyiv and Hastings’ high rise Four Courts community. The video installation will premiere in Hastings in December featuring 32 community voices. Sign up to our mailing list for your invitation.

Panelka High Rise Connecting Conversations is developed from the ExploreTheArch/Seria_Project collaborative summer experiential theatre performance project, Panelka. This work responded to the Russian invasion in Ukraine with Dasha's relatable childhood memories of her urban heritage. Dasha grew up up in Panelka, high rise housing blocks in Ukraine, along with over half of her country’s population.

The project addressed the dominant media images of Panelka as bomb damaged shells of buildings with a domestic, relatable narrative about home. This offers ways of connecting, recognising ‘war weariness’ of a protracted conflict.

EUNIC London facilitates the project. Project partners are Polish Cultural Institute, Goethe-Institut London and the Estonian Embassy in London.

• To take part in Hastings by sharing experiences and memories of living in or near The Four Courts: email
• To take part in Kyiv by sharing experiences and memories of living in or near Panelka: email

Letters of support for this project:

Audience responses from the summer theatre show:

Seria__ project with ExploreTheArch Theatre Company.

Watch video of Kyiv artist Dasha Podoltseva with ExploreTheArch

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Artist: Dasha Podoltseva
Composer/musician: Sam Brown
Director: Gail Borrow
Engineer: @poorlybeetle
Graphics: SERIA___ (Elena Orap, Dasha Podoltseva)
Sound Production: Frank Moon

Connecting High Rise Conversations:installation

Admin: Zoe Oliver
Artist: Dasha Podoltseva
Cinematography and Editing: Rod Morris
Community Engagement team: Yasmin Aishah, Hannah Collisson, Etienne Cutmore-Kourouma, Rhonda Cutmore, Jac Holt, Zoe Oliver
Composer/Sound Production: Frank Moon
Director: Gail Borrow
Graphics: SERIA___ (Elena Orap, Dasha Podoltseva)
Musicians: Sam Brown, Catherine Rajhans, Elizabeth Rajhans, Frank Moon
Project Facilitation: Anastasia Mina and Neicia Marsh, EUNIC London
Project Partners: Estonian Embassy in London, Hastings Borough Council, Goethe-Institut London and Polish Cultural Institute
Seria_Project team: Svitlana Dolbysheva, Sasha Lunina, Elena Orap, Dasha Podoltseva