"Startlingly unique and unusually dynamic"

ExploreTheArch creates 'houses' of culture and outdoor art, spaces in which a performance team explores. Original, distinctive, experiential theatre in unique settings.

Founded in 2015 by creative director Gail Borrow, ExploreTheArch performers identify as an interdisciplinary collective creating work with methodology uniquely designed for each project, in response to the source material explored. Genres are dismantled, understandings questioned and boundaries redrawn as, similar to geographical explorations into the unknown, each journey dictates a distinctive approach. There is no hierarchical structure of roles, instead a meeting of minds and a collaboration foregrounding learning.

Each exploration is 'housed' as it nears the end of the initial phase of the journey: the time where the collective prepare to share the exploration with audiences. This experimental theatre form reimagines a traditional viewer-performer relationship as a collaborative journey in an intimate location.

ExploreTheArch's principal venue is domestic status venue, Archer Lodge, in the cultural hub of St Leonards on Sea. Archer Lodge is a dedicated space for work in progress and is open to the public 3-4 times a year for the experiential theatre productions generated, which typically last 3-4 weeks. Thus the performers have far more research and development time in supportive surroundings than they would have in traditional theatre set ups. ExploreTheArch are the UK's leading innovators of domestic venue theatre.

The team work all over Europe in other contexts and are encouraged to bring new learnings from their freelance work to the ExploreTheArch process. The collective represent various disciplines and ethnicities including the migrant heritages honoured in its summer production every year.

ExploreTheArch develops work within themed seasons of material; they are currently in their fourth season. Free tickets to under 19s are offered in every show (please book).

"An act of the imagination, an evening of delight."

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