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Archer Lodge, Charles Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, TN38 0QX.

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Designed by Charles Archer Pigott, Archer Lodge began life as the registered offices of this architect in the 1890s but quickly became solely his family home and venue for family socialising. The building's history through the twentieth century is sketchy with a fragment of a letter found underneath the floorboards identifying it as lodgings for service personnel during the war and a recent Turkish visitor relating his student life in the sixties at the property when it was a private boarding house for students from all over the world. Today it serves as the home of experiential theatre company, ExploreTheArch, a unique intimate performance space with a domestic status. During production runs, audiences are invited to step into the building and be at home in whatever way they wish for the evening. And to enjoy the living architecture that accompanies the mortar and bricks which would have been planted when the foundations of Archer Lodge were laid.

Image: Adrian Northover


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