APR 2022 Information

Images by John Cole

Quickening of the Heart

DEC 2021 Information

Images by Alexander Brattell


JULY 2021 Information

Images by Ian O'Leary

"Moved me to tears and made my hairs stand on end ~ etherial, haunting, mystical, interesting and beautiful!"

The Season of Exquisite Moments

The House of the Internal Combustion Engine

DEC 2019 Information

Images by Ian O'Leary

"Never had so much fun at the theatre!"

The House of Marcelle

AUGUST 2019 Information

Images by Ian O'Leary

"Unlike anything I've ever seen - it was amazing."

The Season of the Identity of Things

The House of Crusoe

APRIL 2019 Information

"Riveting, fascinating, frightening. Coming again."

The House of Circus

DEC 2018 Information

Images by Otti Albietz

"Completely up-ends the romantic notion of circus family life."

The House at Armistice

NOV 2018 Information

Images by Peter Mould

"So profound, so moving. This play will stay with me forever."

The House after Windrush

AUG 2018 Information

"The intimate setting, the creative simplicity of the props, the clarity of the story tellers, the beautiful music and fun interactions of the audience (if you can call us that because we felt more like privileged guests) made the experience of our Windrush friends so very powerful. Thank you so much."

The House of Mrs Joe

APR 2018 Information

Images by Peter Mould

"Atmosphere like I have never experienced in a theatre before."

The Season of Hidden Books

The House of Thought

DEC 2017 Information

Images by ExploreTheArch

"A life changing experience."

The House of the Man who Painted the Sea

AUG 2017 Information

Images by Peter Mould

"Brilliant and extraordinary. What an evening. Unforgettable."

The House of the Heroine

MAR 2017 Information

Images by Peter Mould

"The space between the lines comes alive in these rooms - a dreamspace."

The House of the Dark and Stormy Night

DEC 2016 Information

Images by Peter Mould

"Magical, shivery-making, tingly."

The House of the Siberian Seasons

AUG 2016 Information

Images by Peter Mould

"Magical. What a creative bomb of storytelling."

The Days Less Ordinary Season

The House of St George & the 400 Shakespeares

APR 2016 Contributor info.

"We don't go to see plays and this was the BEST! Just what we needed. Really inspired us!"

"Wonderful, seriously good gothic - the absolute darkness, the smell - total absorption."

"I simply loved the performances taking place in each of the rooms (or should I say mini theatres!). They were all so completely different, appealing to different senses. I have never been to anything like that evening and really relaxed into it."

The House of St Patrick

MAR 2016 Contributor info.

"I could have stayed so much longer in every room. Story, art, installation, writing, creating, watching, listening, thinking, singing. Food for the Brain. Thank you."

The House of St David

FEB/MAR 2016 Contributor info.

"A great experience: wonderful storytelling, great artwork and soundscape in the front room, cheeky Dylan Thomas and an exquisite seagull experience."

"So one minute I was with my friends and the next I was on my own in a room of pages. The words were slate mines and salmon, lead and ashes. There was a soundscape of a trickling stream and a violin player in the corner. I was in a different world."

The House of Burns

JAN 2016 Contributor info.

Images by djbrass

"Really lovely, interesting, relaxed, warm hearted event. Thanks to all involved for all your hard creative work."

"It was a great experience. Thanks to everyone for making it a great evening."

"It was a fantastic night!"

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