Claire Hamill

Claire Hamill began her songwriting career in 1971 when she released her first album on Island Records. Since then she has explored many styles and genres, Folk, Rock, Jazz and New Age and worked with Vangelis, Ray Davies, Gary Numan, Wishbone Ash and others. She has released 12 albums of songs, promoted them in North America, Europe and Japan and is currently writing an autobiography to be published later this year. f:JosephineClaireHamill @theclairehamill Instagram:JosephineClaireHamill


djbrass is a multi-disciplinary artist and writer based in Hastings, East Sussex Instagram:1djbrass

Gail Borrow

Gail Borrow is a writer, curator and theatre maker, bumping into fascinating curiosities all the time. There’s so many of them that they require a bit of juggling. Gail never learnt to juggle (she’s pretty rubbish at flying a kite, the 14 times table and would prefer not to be beaten at scrabble). Attempting, missing the catch and doggedly pushing on takes her to surprising places. @GailBorrow

Gita Joshi - Press Officer for Explore the Arch

Gita Joshi is an award winning central London art dealer and the founder of Orso Major Gallery, Empowering Artists and The Camberwell Open. Experienced in online and offline marketing, Gita is leading our marketing for this multidisciplinary event. f:Gita Joshi @gitajoshi

Llew Watkins

Llew Watkins is a writer and artist based in Limehouse, London. He is co-editor of Roulade: the walk through magazine and a regular contributor to Living in the Future magazine. Currently he is undertaking a residency at Limbo project space in South London, working on a tandem sculpture and writing project. f:Llew Watkins

Oli Wang

Oli Wang is a musician and charity sector advocate living in London. She has an uncalmable enthusiasm for singing, playing and listening to folk music in its various forms. f:Oli Wang

Pea Crabtree

Pea rides the dusty plains of letterpress with her canine companion, Ernie Spartacus Crabtree. Spontaneity, gallons of ink & dog biscuits are the key ingredients to their studio practice. Warning: do not expose them to Hatch Show Print, Weetabix or Janet McTeer after midnight. f:PeaPants @lucky_budgie