Charlotte Snook and Harry Snook

Charlotte Snook is a fine artist. She studied at Hornsey College of Art and the Royal College of Art. She taught at Central St Martins College of Art where she was Senior Lecturer on Foundation. She has exhibited in the UK, Germany, France and the USA. She moved to St Leonards in 2000 and is currently a gallery artist with St Anne's Galleries Lewes.

Harry Snook was born on the Gower. He taught at the University of Central England, Birmingham as Senior Lecturer in Painting. His work includes painting, construction, printmaking and photography. He has works in the collections of the Arts Council of Great Britain, Victoria and Albert Museum, Union Bank of Switzerland and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. He moved to St Leonards from the South of France in 2000 where he created a prizewinning organic garden at the top of a mountain.


djbrass is a multi-disciplinary artist and writer based in Hastings, East Sussex Instagram:1djbrass

Francis Maxey

A founder member of Beyond the Border, contemporary storyteller Francis Maxey has performed throughout Wales, his home, and Europe. His stories sometimes meet his genius clown and slack rope routines. And then there's his mastery of the riddle.

Gail Borrow

Gail Borrow is a writer, curator and theatre maker, bumping into fascinating curiosities all the time. There’s so many of them that they require a bit of juggling. Gail never learnt to juggle (she’s pretty rubbish at flying a kite, the 14 times table and would prefer not to be beaten at scrabble). Attempting, missing the catch and doggedly pushing on takes her to surprising places. @GailBorrow

Gita Joshi - Press Officer for Explore the Arch

Gita Joshi is an award winning central London art dealer and the founder of Orso Major Gallery, Empowering Artists and The Camberwell Open. Experienced in online and offline marketing, Gita is leading our marketing for this multidisciplinary event.
f:Gita Joshi @gitajoshi

John Knowles and Kate Tym

Kate Tym and John Knowles are a writing partnership born out of the shallow end of the swimming pool. Separately they are writers, performance poets, actors, editors, artists, and producers. Jointly they write - a lot - now established through their own company It'snotus, Kate and John like to explore dark comedy dramas and performing in alternative spaces.

Megan Lloyd

Storyteller Megan Lloyd has performed in venues throughout Wales and regularly at festivals including Sydmouth Folk Festival, Lancaster Lit Fest and the Bath Festival. She has also broadcast on Sky History Channel on the Celtic Myths series. She has toured with the "Tales from Beyond the Borders Group" that grew out of the International Story Telling Festival at which she regularly performs. Megan's repertoire of stories ranges from curious chronicles from her home in Wales to incredible tales from far far further than far.

Pea Crabtree

Pea rides the dusty plains of letterpress with her canine companion, Ernie Spartacus Crabtree. Spontaneity, gallons of ink & dog biscuits are the key ingredients to their studio practice. Warning: do not expose them to Hatch Show Print, Weetabix or Janet McTeer after midnight. f:PeaPants @lucky_budgie