the House of the
man who painted the Sea

UNESCO Anniversary - Aivazovsky 200

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A man walked past a small house on the Crimean shores and saw a boy drawing on the wall.

"How disobedient," said the father.

"How talented," said the town architect. "This boy should go to the Zimpheropolsky School."

And so he did.

"This boy should go to the Imperial Academy of Art."

And so he did.

And the Tzar mused, "What a pity that there is no one who can paint seas."

And someone answered, "Indeed there is, your highness."

Welcome to the magical tale of the Armenian man who painted the sea.

Part of the hidden Book Season, ExploreTheArch returns with an enchanting production inspired by the eccentric C20 recollections of Aivazovsky's grandson, stowed in turn in humble drawers in Paris and London.

Warning: this tale includes a Tartar bandit, Glinka and a violin, a statue of Apollo, Gogol and a pack of cards and an abundance of irascibility. And "a magnificent estate, rather like fairyland" if Anton Chekhov is to be believed. "Such estates may probably be seen in Persia."

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