Promenade theatre performance, Spirited, explores C12 adventure author Marie de France’s unconventional protagonists: a youth uninterested in love and exploring gender identity, a woman who says something she regrets and a successful professional who's a closet werewolf three days a week.

Viewed through window frames and doorways, the stories leap out and scurry the audience to the next of three viewing point at the end of each section.

Developed in the summer of 2021, C21 viewers explored the C12 adventure writer’s narratives in three groups dwell at each performance portal for 15 - 20 minutes before adventuring on to the next. Thus the epic journeys conjured in Marie de France’s short stories were imagined in a vivid viewer experience.

Marie de France is considered England’s earliest female adventure author, writing 1160 - 1180. Her work was popular in England during her lifetime.

Images by Alexander Brattell and Ian O'Leary

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