Now Extended
23-25 Aug

Artist Dasha Podoltseva grew up in the typical housing blocks in Ukraine, Panelka, along with over half of the country’s population. In the current Russian invasion, the world has become familiar with media images of Panelka as bomb damaged shells of buildings.

In this experiential theatre performance, Dasha explores the architecture’s modernist identity as her urban heritage through childhood memories of growing up in these buildings and her love of the repeated panel designs. The artist considers hope in terms of how domesticity might be reshaped after the war.

Seria__ project with ExploreTheArch Theatre Company.

Watch video of Kyiv artist Dasha Podoltseva with ExploreTheArch

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Limited capacity - booking advised
Mon 15-Wed 17 Aug 2022: Sold out
Extended Run!
Tues 23-Thurs 25 Aug 2022
Times: 7.30pm
£15+booking fee - under 19s free


Artist: Dasha Podoltseva
Graphics: SERIA___ (Elena Orap, Dasha Podoltseva)
Composer/musician: Sam Brown
Sound Production: Frank Moon
Director: Gail Borrow
Engineer: @poorlybeetle